Store credits

Store Credits are a great way to reward your employees, process refunds or introduce membership programs to drive traffic and increase revenue.  Pintuna Store Credit App is full of features that merchants need and consumers expect. 

Time Bound

Unlike never expiring gift cards, you can put a time limit on Store Credits. Adding a time limit on store credits allows you to encourage customers to use it sooner than later, which helps drive traffic online and instore.

Pintuna Store Credit app is fully integrated with your Square POS system to provide you (and your customers) with a seamless experience.

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store credits for All Types of Businesses

Pintuna Store Credit App is used by merchants and sellers across industries

Multi language / Multi currency

Pintuna Store Credit app is used globally and supports multiple languages and currencies

mobile friendly

Add to Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Real time balance update. No need to download any more apps. 

time bound

Automatic or manual expiration of Store Credit

Issue Individually or in Bulk

Pintuna Store Credit App is integrated with Square Subscriptions and Pintuna Membership App, to provide you with the flexibility to issue store credits in bulk to all members tied to a plan.

You can also issue a store credit to a single customer.

The app also provides you with outstanding balances on store credits.

Try it! Free 30 day trial. Contact Us to set it up.​



Pintuna provides you with a simple branded digital gift card and ticket sale solution for your business, that offers great functionality to your customers; but, what other benefits can you look forward to?

Effortless sales monitoring

As payments are processed directly by your POS provider, you can track sales and view detailed sales reports in your Square or Clover account or through the Pintuna portal.

Attract new buyers

Gift card recipients are often new to your business, giving you the perfect opportunity to secure additional loyal customers.

Increase sales

Gift card recipients spend five times more than the average customer and are often freer with their spending when the money has been gifted.

Save space with app efficiency

With Pintuna, there’s no need for your customers to download endless apps that clog up their phones. Pintuna utilizes the inbuilt wallet features of iOS and Android phones.

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